Here Goes Nothing!

Apr 9, 2021



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Welcome to Lake and Lumber! I am so excited to help you gain the confidence to pick up the power tools yourself and start tackling DIY projects in your home!

Hi, I'm Melissa

For those of you who have been around from the beginning, (I’m talking the REAL beginning…back in the Eighth and Walnut days), you know that I dabbled in blogging and put a few tutorials up from time to time, but I was never too consistent and always blamed it on my lack of skills in the website building department. Well, 2021 brought with it a new account, a new passion for DIY, and a new NEED to have a space where I can share more detailed explanations and tutorials of the projects you love…so here goes nothing!

I am looking forward to sharing tutorials, tips and tricks, and everything in between. I’m pretty sure I will always feel more comfortable in front of a miter saw than a website, I want to be able to connect with you in ALL the ways, and this website is going to allow me to do that. I am willing to dive in headfirst (stumbling and making mistakes along the way) if it gives me the ability to help you dive into DIY!

Head on over to my very first post, So you want to be a DIYer…Top 5 tools for getting started in DIY!to find out how I got started in DIY and what 5 tools are essential for a beginner!


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  1. Shelby says:

    So excited to see where this journey takes you. You are so much fun and so inspiring!

  2. Gemma says:

    I love everything you do!! Everything is so accessible and affordable.

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