Exterior renovation update! As part of our home’s exterior renovation, I’ve been working diligently on updating our front door. With fresh paint and new lighting on the way, the challenge was making our window grids stand out. Currently black and inside the glass, they needed a makeover to match the house. Here’s how I transformed […]

DIY-Friendly Window Grids for Under $10

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Welcome to Lake and Lumber!  I am so excited to help you gain the confidence to pick up the power tools yourself and start tackling DIY projects in your home!

Back in 2020, like most of us, I was stuck at home with little to keep my mind off of the never-ending news cycle. I have always loved designing and working on home projects, but with my days wide open and my husband working long hours from home, I realized that if I wanted to fill my time, I would need to learn how to take on these projects myself.

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